Houses framed out on elevated foundations.

Low-Income Rental Program

The Low-Income Rental Program was created due to the large number of applicants who were unable to qualify for new single-family housing. Realizing the needs of the region, AVCP RHA has invested in low-income rentals with the goal of easing the transition to home ownership programs, or traditional financing.

Our low-income rental program currently serves 11 communities in the AVCP (Calista) Region.

Our rental program consists of 147 units in multi-family property arrangements (triplex structures).

Established with the intent of creating socio-economic stability for low-income families in our tribal communities, the low-income rental program is often the first step for families seeking to gain self-sufficiency.


  • Aniak
  • Alakanuk
  • Bethel
  • Chevak
  • Hooper Bay
  • Kipnuk
  • Kotlik
  • Napakiak
  • Saint Mary’s
  • Scammon Bay
  • Toksook Bay
  • Tuntutuliak

How Does the Low-Income Rental Program Work?

The low-income rental program is directly subsidized under the Indian Housing Block Grant. A successful applicant’s rent is based on their income (15% in villages, 30% in Bethel) OR the fair market value of the unit. As an eligible NAHASDA Title II Affordable Housing Activity, low-income rentals offer member tribes opportunities to provide a starting point for those who otherwise cannot meet the requirements for our home ownership programs.

How to Apply

If you wish to express your interest in the low-income rental program, you must first submit a completed application.