AVCP Regional Housing Authority Chairman Annual Address

The Bethel census area and Kusilvak census area encompass our region, and recent demographic trends indicate a notable increase in population. This growth poses challenges as our people, deeply connected to this land, face issues of overcrowding. Moreover, structural concerns have arisen in some of our homes, exacerbating the situation. Unfortunately, the high costs associated with essential building materials, notably lumber, have made it extremely difficult for people to fix or build homes on their own.

As our company expands to meet the evolving demands of our region, growth becomes imperative for our collective success. With a rich history spanning over four decades, AVCP RHA remains steadfast in its commitment to serving the tribes of this region. It is crucial to acknowledge the pervasive impact of inflation, which necessitates continuous reassessment of our strategies and pursuit of additional funding avenues.

The pressing issue of climate change further compounds our challenges, demanding immediate action in the form of relocation or relocation planning. While the funding allocated through the Native American Housing Assistance and Self-Determination Act (NAHASDA) is invaluable, it alone cannot adequately address the breadth of our needs.

In recognition of these complexities, we are actively seeking to cultivate additional partnerships. Our strategic planning efforts are focused on engaging prominent entities within the housing authority domain. This proactive approach underscores our commitment to collaboration and leveraging diverse resources to mitigate existing challenges effectively.

We extend an invitation to delegates and tribal representatives to share their insights and concerns. Your input is invaluable as we plan and execute our initiatives to address the specific needs of our communities. With unwavering confidence in the leadership of the President/CEO, Peter Evon, and his dedicated team, we are witnessing tangible progress. AVCP-RHA is undergoing a much needed transition to expand the size of our organization so that we can increase our service delivery to this region.

In conclusion, we stand ready to confront the challenges ahead, guided by a steadfast commitment to collaboration, innovation, and the well-being of our communities.


Stephen Maxie
AVCP RHA Chairman