Privately Owned Home Program

POHP is operated by the housing authority to provide affordable housing services for families who own their house and reside in villages that have named AVCP RHA as their Tribally Designated Housing Entity.

The POHP provides housing renovation assistance to program eligible families. This assistance includes modernization, renovation and/or weatherization or other housing related activities.

Funding POHP project is done on annual basis and if a village is funded the village is be notified. Housing applications will be accepted to determine program eligibility.

AVCP RHA will work with eligible family to determine:

  • House Ownership Documents
  • Ensure the house is an eligible house
    • occupied by a program eligible family
    • the primary place of residence of the program eligible family

If the house is eligible AVCP RHA will begin work to do an assessment of the house. Assessment includes:

  • A post inspection of the housing unit to determine if the house is in poor, unsafe or unsanitary condition.
  • If it is not than a scope of work will be developed to develop what needs to be done and to do the material and supply listing
  • The assessor will let the homeowner know when the work may commence.

Other Program Requirements

Each program participant will be required to adhere to the following conditions:

  1. Sign a Useful Life Agreement
    1. 1 Year for every $10,000 spent on the house;
    2. The unit will be only used as an affordable housing unit for that term;
    3. The homeowner shall occupy the house as a primary place of residence;
    4. Maintain the house in decent, safe and sanitary condition and
    5. Not sell, barter, convey or rent the house for the period identified in the Useful Life Agreement.

Penalties and/or Violation of Program Requirements

If the family violates the conditions, the family will be required to repay the assistance funds according to the purchase price schedule.

Release From Useful Life Agreement

Upon full compliance of the program requirements and upon expiration of the term, the family will be released from the conditions of the agreement.