About Us

AVCP Regional Housing Authority is a state charted regional housing authority formed to address housing needs in Southwest Alaska. The Association of Village Council Presidents Housing Authority was organized on October 17, 1974.

We proudly serve the people of the AVCP region. The region is comprised of 56 federally recognized tribes in 48 villages in an area the size the state of Wisconsin or Illinois.

The housing authority provides affordable housing services to program eligible individuals and families. The largest program it offers is the Mutual Help Homeownership Program, it also provide low rent housing as well as rental housing for elderly and the handicapped persons.

What does AVCP Regional Housing Authority do?
AVCP Regional Housing Authority provides affordable housing services and opportunities in the AVCP region. It does so by providing homeownership and rental services. AVCP RHA has constructed over 1,500 homes in 48 villages.